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benefits of bicycling

  • It improves cardiovascular health and helps prevent heart diseases, diabetes and obesity
  • It makes you breathe deeper and perspire more, which in turn helps regulate body temperature and level blood pressure
  • It improves immunity and stamina and enables you to carry out daily tasks with more vigor and energy
  • It burns excess fat and shapes, strengthens, and tones muscles
  • It improves self esteem by releasing endorphins (substances produced in the brain which create a feeling of contentment and happiness) into the bloodstream
  • It makes trips (especially within congested cities) predictable, thereby reducing stress and inconvenience caused due to traffic delays
  • bicycles take lesser space per person - on the roads as well as for parking. there is nothing compared to the fun of ‘filtering ahead’ a traffic block. 

Everything looks picture perfect, the health & ecological benefits, the economic advantages etc. etc. Then why don’t we see it happening all around.
Here are some possible myths and misconceptions about cycling and our suggestions to overcome them.

Clear it up!
Bicycles are outdated
It’s true that the basic design of the bicycle has changed little since 1885. Now why should it change? The bicycle has always been extraordinarily efficient in both biological and mechanical terms. From a mechanical viewpoint, up to 99% of the energy delivered by the rider into the pedals is transmitted to the wheels.
Bicycles are inefficient
Let us talk about efficiency in terms of mileage, the best motor bikes would give around 70 km/litre and the best cars would give around 35 km/litre. 1 litre of vegetable oil, which produces approximately the same amount of calories/litre as gasoline, produces about 7500 calories/litre. An average cyclist would need about 20 calories/km. Now that would mean an astonishing 375 km/litre. Can anybody beat that!
Bicycling is unsafe
This is one classic example of an illogical myth. Ignoring the minor bruises and aches, according to a study conducted in Britain, which has about 35 lakh regular cyclists and another 3 lakh occasional cyclist, less than 10 fatal injuries are admitted to the hospital in an year compared to around 350 cases of fatal injuries by falling down the steps! So next time you are feeling hesitant, realize that cycling is even safer than walking or climbing steps
Bicycling is slow
This is one challenging myth that we are personally taking head-on. Thanks to urban congestion and bad condition of some arterial roads, our time-distance maps for two typical cities – Kochi and Bangalore have revealed interesting figures. We have developed a detailed map using a cycle-computer gifted by a supporter from Netherland. Vaguely put, during peak hours, cycling within city is faster than buses and auto rickshaws (and that does not include waiting period!). Compared to bicycling, time saved by cars and bikes are only minimal (say 10 to 15 minutes) but remember the benefits make it worthwhile.
Bicycling is not fit for women
This is a bit ironic! Initially bicycle was recognized by 19th-century feminists as a "freedom machine" for women. However, over the years this attitude has changed. Hopefully more and more women would break free and get back to the pedals. We are going to have several schemes and offers to encourage female cyclists.
Bicycling can cause impotence in men

Excess of anything is harmful. But considering more concrete evidences about the harmful effects of smoking, eating junk food or even watching television this is one myth that you can afford to ignore. In case you are still worried about it,  there are some basic steps like standing and cycling after every 15 minutes, shifting your body weight to your hands occasionally etc. that can completely eliminate the risks.

Bicycling can be harmful as an exercise
Being a non weight-bearing exercise, cycling is even safe for people with arthritis. Moreover you can switch to walking the moment you feel fatigued and get back to cycling later on.  

benefits of athi's bicycle club

  • free membership and free 100 hours usage per month - fully supported by sponsorship and branding
  • simple and instantaneous registration - no ID proof or security deposit required
  • fully automated (sms based) operations - bicycles are available 24x7
  • flexible usage - take a bicycle from any rack and drop it back at any other rack
  • customer care to handle queries and provide informationType your paragraph here.

benefits of bicycle sharing

  • promotes bicycle usage where it is needed the most - congested cities
  • provides last mile connectivity and encourages use of public transportation
  • encourages collective consumption - use and pass it on
  • bicycles and its maintenance  becomes sponsor/government responsibility. all public has to do is to use them
  • public is doing the sponsor/government a favor by using these bicycles, not the other way round!​

myths and misconceptions