frequently asked questions

  • Members are solely responsible for their safety. Please ensure that the brakes, seat etc. are proper before your ride
  • SMS is mandatory for taking as well as returning. In case you know the opening code of a particular bicycle you still need to SMS while taking and returning
  • Bicycles are available for use 24x7. However, we recommend first timers to try taking a bicycle during day time
  • Members are requested to limit usage to 100 hours per month. Also they should not keep a bicycle for more than one night
  • Bicycles taken from any rack can be returned to any other rack. However, bicycles taken from technopark/infopark racks should be returned to any other rack within technopark/infopark only. Kochi Metro bicycles can be returned to any rack with KMRL logo
  • In case the bicycle develops any complaint during usage, it is the member’s responsibility to inform us, by calling or sending an SMS, to our helpline number
  • In case there is any change in details like cell-phone number, address, e-mail ID etc. Please call 9744511777 and inform us
  • Our helpline number is 9744511777. We are basically available 24x7 to cater to all your enquiries and doubts, but in case you are not getting any response please send an SMS, try again later or drop a mail to

helpline: 9744511777

terms & conditions

Q. I did not get reply to my SMS, what do I do?
A. Delay or failure of reply can be due to several reasons. Here are some possible problems and our suggestions to overcome them.

Message not delivered to our server
Ensure that you get “delivery report” of message. You can also check the status of message you had sent in Sent Items or Outbox of your cell-phone. In case the status is “pending” or “failed” please send again.  Also ensure that you have sufficient balance in your account and you are within network coverage area.
Message delivered but no reply even after 3 to 5 minutes
Ensure that you have sent the SMS in the correct format and spelling. In case there is any error in the SMS, rectify it and send again. Also note that usage SMSes will be replied only to registered cell-phone numbers. Presence of extra characters at the end of the message also results in failure of reply.
Server is down
Sometimes the server crashes due to unforeseen reasons. In case you are returning a bicycle you can lock it and leave it at the rack. In case you need a bicycle please try again later.

Q. I have a short-duration usage, do I have to register?
A. Yes, you have to register even if you intend to use our bicycles only for a short period. It is as simple as sending an SMS in the correct format. It happens automatically with the first usage SMS  There is no reason why you should not register.

Q. I do not have SMS balance.  Can I SMS from my friend’s cell-phone?
A. If you are using a bicycle and you need to return it then you have to SMS from the same cell-phone you had used for taking the bicycle. In case you are taking a bicycle you can SMS from your friends cell-phone provided a). He/she is also registered b). He/she is willing to take responsibility of your usage 

Q. Can I keep a bicycle for a week?
A. Sorry. We allow only 100 hours usage per person per month. We are running short of  hands, else we would have come knocking at your door the minute you exceed 100 hours! We believe you would reciprocate our trust in you. Moreover, our software automatically blocks membership in case of  irresponsible usage

Q. What do I do if the bicycle develops a complaint during usage?
A. You have two options. You can push it to the nearest rack, SMS as usual and take another bicycle (by sending another SMS for that). Alternatively you can call or SMS our helpline number 9744511777 or 9645343885, inform us about the problem and lock the bicycle where you are.

Q. During usage I had locked the bicycle and left it at unattended. Is it possible that another person who knows the opening code will open the lock and take the bicycle?
A. That is very unlikely. We keep changing the bicycle locks frequently. Opening codes change after every 5 usages. However, the responsibility of the safety of bicycles lies with the member during usage. Please call us immediately if you find any bicycle missing during usage and we shall try to locate it together.

Q. How many bicycles can I take at a time?
A. Currently there is no limit to the number of bicycles you can take a time. However, we request all interested members to register their cell-phone numbers with us.

Q. Can I transfer the bicycle to another friend?
A. Of-course you can. However, all SMSes would be sent only to your cell-phone and you would be responsible for the safety of the bicycle till it is returned to the rack.

Q. Should I return the bicycle to the same rack I had taken it from?
A. Not necessary. You can return it to any rack near your destination. However, bicycles taken from any rack at technopark, Trivandrum or infopark Kochi should be returned to any other rack within technopark/infopark  itself.

Q. What if I ‘forget’ to lock the bicycle after use? What if I ‘forget’ to send SMS after use?
A. Please don’t! You are not a mere user of a rental service. You are a responsible member of a club with a social and ecological cause. Please behave responsibly. Moreover membership gets blocked automatically during such ‘forgetful’ events.

Q. Can I lock the bicycle with my own lock?
A. Yes you can, but only during usage. After you return to the rack do not put your personal locks.

Q. I already have the opening code of the bicycle that I want to take. Do I have to SMS?
A. Yes indeed. Otherwise how will we know who took the bicycle! It can be any of the last 5 members who used this bicycle with the current lock. We have to call each of them and check. Please save us from that task.